Are you seriously interested in participating in virtual events on a weekly basis and winning a Big Bowling ball of choice no matter what your scores are? From January 31st and for 8 weeks, all those who participate in the Big Bowling league (lasts 8 weeks) will receive a Big Bowling ball of their choice. There will be 2 divisions, scratch and handicap (80% of 210 using your 2019-2020 cumulative average). 

Always seem to forget to take a picture of the recap sheet or to submit your scores? If you join the Big Bowling league say goodbye to this headache (your league must have league secretary for you to be eligible).

If a bowler wishes to enter himself for multiple nights for the main event (sweeper, eliminator, matchplay, etc) he/she will be asked to pay 16USD per night used. Bowlers will also have access to $1USD side pots. These included brackets and high game/series. At the end of the 8 weeks, the top seed for each division will receive a free, fully customizable jersey or hoodie of their choice. All bowlers are asked to act professionally and not bash the league nor its members. Anyone who doesn't respect these rules will see himself automatically disqualified and removed from the Big Bowling league for the remainder of the league and will be obliged to forfeit his prize without refund.

For those who bowl in leagues who use league secretary you will be asked to submit the state in which the league is located, the name of the bowling center and your league name in order for the tournament director to be able to retrieve your scores. Those whose leagues do not use league secretary you will be asked to submit league recap sheets/prinouts with the appropriate dates on them. Please keep in mind that anything PinPal, etc is not acceptable, same goes for pictures of the scoreboard. These types of score submissions will give you an uncontestable zero. Repeated offenders who refuse to understand that this is just to prove the legitimacy of their scores will be asked to submit proper scoresheets. Repeat offenders will be removed from participation of the league.